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Why I Moved to Dubai

The Good, the Bad, and Why I Love It

Dubai is a great place for those who love to work in a multicultural environment with numerous opportunities in a highly competitive business market. Besides offering good business and career opportunities, Dubai is offering you so many activities, restaurants, and events that you will never be bored, but just amazed every day.

A place with such a mix of cultures and different people, that you will learn something new every day. The best thing is that English is widely spoken, and as there are many ex-pats living here, you will have no trouble in communication.

Currently, about 85% of this international city’s population is made up of expats — great news for anyone wanting a fresh start, and to make friends from all corners of the world.

With its magnificent dunes, towering skyscrapers, and dramatic spectacles throughout the city, Dubai is like nowhere else in the world. Although most of us might follow in the footsteps of other tourists visiting Dubai just to experience the glamour, sunny weather, and fantastic shopping experiences, this lavish oasis offers so much more.

I am lucky enough to call this city my home and I want to share with you my top 5 reasons to move to Dubai.

1. UAE is a tax-free country!

One of the most attractive reasons to live in Dubai is that you don’t have to pay taxes. This means you will not only be paid better than other countries, but no money is going from your pocket.
A tax-free salary allows you and your family to live a better life and shopping here and there :)

With tax-free income and just 5% VAT on goods and services, Dubai offers the rare chance to enjoy life, take a comfortable vacation once in a while, and boost your savings all at once.

2. Lifestyle

When people hear Dubai, they think about all the luxury, skyscrapers, and fast cars and wonder how people can afford it. The city is home to many designer shops and 5-star luxury hotels.

But there are also so many affordable places and you can try so many different international cuisines.

If you think you can’t afford these luxuries, you are wrong. The street food is hygienic and tasty, and you can have various dishes from around the world. There are also affordable designer clothes from internationally renowned brands, like H&M and Hermes. So, there is something for everyone, if you want to spend money — you have definitely where to spend it, but if you want to live a more modest life, you can do so.

This whole shopping experience is definitely on another level with the largest shopping mall in the world, Dubai Mall, and the largest themed mall in the world, Ibn Battuta Mall featuring the most popular labels.

You will find breathtaking buildings and skyscrapers like Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, and places like Palm Jumeirah and World Dubai. If you specifically compare property prices of this city with property prices in the real estate market of Europe, you will find that this city offers more of your money. Houses here are more luxurious and comfortable compared to Europe.

The most iconic symbol for Dubai, the magnificent Burj Khalifa, standing at 828 meters, is the tallest building in the world and is one of the most defining sights in Dubai, which you can see for free :)

Dubai Downtown — Burj Khalifa view


Perhaps the most important fact is that Dubai is one of the safest cities in the world. You don’t have to worry about going out alone even at 1 AM, people don’t lock their cars, and people in my building even keep their doors open. If you get a delivery and you are not home, be sure it will wait for your there for as long as it is needed. Most of the buildings have a reception that does not allow anyone to enter the building unless they leave their Emirates ID.

In 2020, the UAE was the world’s only country to have three of its cities — Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah — all among the top ten safest cities in the world.

There is a joke saying: “How people in Dubai are saving their tables in restaurants while waiting for the food? They leave their phone and wallet there :)”

4. Transportation

If you don’t drive a car, like me, then public transportation will be a big thing for you.

But no worries, there are plenty of options when it comes to public transport in Dubai: the Metro, buses, taxis, water taxis, trams, ferries — you name it!

The Metro is by far the most popular mode of public transport. Not only is it clean and efficient, but it’s also very affordable — costing only 3 AED for the cheapest ride.

Metro is going to the most important places, through the center of Dubai and most of the must-see destinations are accessible by metro.

For all RTA transport, you can get one NOL card, which costs 25 AED (and you get 19AED credit) and you can use it with any means of public transportation. When you run out of credit you can easily top up your balance.

Taxis are also very cheap, with a minimum charge of 5 AED. Plus, thanks to Dubai’s Careem app and Uber, there’s no need to bother hailing down drivers anymore.

Careem is a cheaper and more affordable taxi option, as it comes with “less” luxury cars than Uber.

5. And last but not least — amazing weather

Sitting on the south-eastern coast of the Persian Gulf, Dubai runs along the coast with its urban area situated between the sea and the mountains. Lying within the Arabian Desert, its gorgeous sandy beaches, alongside luxurious and ultra-new urban architecture combine for a unique experience.

It’s easy to work all day in an office but spend your breaks on a beach, or hike a mountain in the morning and sit down for lunch in the city. You won’t find a better compromise between urban and rural life than here!

The weather is amazing from the end of September till the end of May, and in June, heat and humidity will strike, but this is the time when most people go home for a vacation or remote work. In case you are staying in Dubai, there is a bunch of activities happening indoors, as their center of Events is Malls.

Don’t be surprised that Mall of Emirates has an indoor skiing site.

Burj Al Arab beach

I hope I managed to paint you a picture of Dubai. Moving here does not only mean a location change but also changing your whole life. No other city in the world is like Dubai, definitely.

Here the weather is conducive, the pay is more than enough, healthcare and schools are of international standards, and most of all no paying taxes.



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